Terry Pastor

Terry's traditional technique for many years was specializing in airbrush illustration. He now works digitally. His work has won several accolades including two Art Director of America awards. During his career he has created many book jacket paintings for famous authors such as Arthur C Clark and Michael Crichton, plus record sleeves, including the iconic covers for David Bowie's Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust L.P's. The top British graphic designer Peter Saville has credited Terry's work as having influenced him early in his career. 
 Terry has had exhibitions of his paintings in London, New York, Munich and Amsterdam. His paintings are also in private collections around the world including those of Roman Polanski and international designer Roman Ford Coppola. 
  Sony, Nintendo, Ford Motor Company, Psygnosis Software, Lever Brothers, NASA, Akai, Saab, Phillips, RAF Red Arrows, Playboy Magazine, G.M.Corvette Division, Nissan, IBM, Honda, McDonalds, most major book publishers and record companies.   

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