Catherine Wheel Chrome

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Medium: Silkscreen print using colours on Somerset Tub 410 gsm
Artist: Storm Thorgerson
Signed By: Storm Thorgerson in pencil
Edition: 125 World Wide
Atelier: Design and Photography by StormStudios
Dimensions: Print size 25½" x 33½", Image size 19" x 19"
Condition: New - mint condition

”A recurring phrase used by both the manager and the group Catherine Wheel for their album Chrome in 1993, was 'tip of the iceberg' - there was more to their music that was originally thought, or rather heard. How do you show the small tip of something much larger which you can't see, there's a conundrum, in effect the phrase 'tip of the iceberg' is inheritantly what you can't see, and what's the point of putting something you can't see on the cover? Thus the medium in which the iceberg exists must be transparent and therefore water, appropriately enough.” ”Our iceberg is simply triangular shaped and composed of ballet dancers, suspended in water with a tiny bit showing above the water viz. a hand but the majority i.e. their bodies, under the water. The camera therefore has to be at water's level to see both above and beneath, which is precisely what we did. Said water surface, laps against the tank, housing the camera and provides luckily for a soft wipe between the double exposure (above and below).” ”The other fortunate aspect was that the fantastic blue colour was achieved by chance, namely the drop off of light down the pool, away from the camera. This picture is a two in one and was rather fortunate, unlike the greatest iceberg in history, which was unfortunate to say the least.”


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