Deepest Blue Late September

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Medium: Silkscreen print using colours on Somerset Tub 410 gsm
Artist: Storm Thorgerson
Signed By: Storm Thorgerson in pencil
Edition: 395 World Wide
Atelier: Design and Photography by StormStudios
Dimensions: Print size 25½" x 33½", Image size 19" x 19"
Condition: New - mint condition

”The idea for this cover came from something about ‘keeping tabs’, keeping up with the news, finger on the pulse i.e. having your ear to the ground. I had always wanted to use a very large wave or tsunami ever since Dark Side, when we had suggested a photographic version of the comic book hero the Silver Surfer. The body painting, suggestive of depth contours on a map suggests some unfathomable affinity with what’s to come or some peculiar ritual involving the girl and the sea: does she know what’s coming? ”In fanciful moments I like to think of this design as Pink Floyd meets Roxy Music. Deepest Blue said they loved it, envisaging perhaps their music as about to wash over an unsuspecting public”.


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Condition New