Gary Hodges

Gary Hodges...Artist

Gary Hodges was born in 1954, and has had a deep love for nature since childhood. In 1979 Gary began applying his keen sense of observation to his drawings and is now Britain's leading wildlife pencil artist.

Gary Hodges's drawings stand out from the crowd because he combines a remarkable technical ability with a deep feeling for the subject and a sensitive understanding of its individual character. Gary Hodges sense of design and composition, often focussing on only a part of the animal, always results in a striking image that demands the viewer's attention and thought. Others have tried to achieve the same effect in pencil, but the result often looks ordinary by comparison.

Gary Hodges may use very many different grades of pencil in a drawing. Each grade is put to good effect as he painstakingly builds up tones and textures, working on small areas at a time.

The range of textures Gary creates - tough hide, fluffy fur, preened feathers, dry scales - is extraordinary.

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