Led Zeppelin 3


Medium: Archival Print
Artist: Zacron
Signed By: Zacron In Pencil
Edition: 500 World Wide
Dimensions: Paper 27 x 27"
Condition: New - Mint Condition
Limited edition fine art print based on the original artwork
"A masterpiece of original musical strategy"
The artwork to Led Zeppelin’s third album was a revelation in sleeve design. The cover art included a rotating wheel with its own accompanying designs. Rotating the wheel reveals different icons and shots of the band members in the ten circular windows on the front cover. Atlantic Records in Japan have since even produced a CD package that faithfully includes all of the moving parts.
“This excellent return to quality displayed on their first (album) happily brands their third as a masterpiece of original musical strategy” Record Mirror, 24th October 1970.
The artist, Zacron, had been working on the development of books with moving inserts and facets at the time, so the album cover art was really an extension of his current work. The concept of a crop rotation calendar is also there. “I knew the artist and described what we wanted. He got very personal with this artwork and disappeared off with it”. Jimmy Page, Q, 2003.
A handful of different versions appeared as various Atlantic Records territories customised the cover art in subtle ways, adding or deleting copy and suchlike. Zacron reviewed the original submitted artwork for this exclusive print edition, working with printer Brad Faine, himself a lecturer at the Royal Academy in London. Brad Faine’s work with Sir Peter Blake RA can also be seen in other hand-signed limited edition prints published by Rockoptic.
Led Zeppelin 3 made #1 on the Billboard album chart for the week of October 31, 1970, knocking Santana’s Abraxas off the top spot. It then held that top chart position for over a month. The physical adaptability of the album artwork reflects the different musical approaches that were being explored by the band. “All the different directions we took were just part of the way we heard it. It was all part of our musical experience…we all had this diverse musical taste and we liked to draw on it”. John Paul Jones, Billboard.


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Condition New