Led Zeppelin IV


Medium: Silkscreen print using 28 colours and 2 varying spot glazes on Hahnemule 400gsm
Artist: Jimmy Page
Date: Published 2005 (1971)
Signed By: Jimmy Page In Pencil
Edition: 250 Produced World Wide
Atelier: Dekkel Fine Art Publishing
Condition: New - mint condition

The painting on the front of the album, showing an old man carrying a faggot, was allegedly purchased from a junk shop in Reading, Berkshire by a Led Zeppelin roadie (Jimmy Page has stated it was bought by Robert Plant)[3] and affixed to the internal, papered wall of the partly demolished house for the photograph to be taken. 'The man with the sticks on his back' can also refer to the biblical Cain, who in legend was said to have ended his journeys on the moon, contributing to the image on the face of the moon. Film critic Robert Ring has also suggested that the picture might be a reference to the 1920s witchcraft documentary Haxan: Witchcraft through the Ages. In the film, there is a similar-looking witch, and inside the bundle of sticks are body parts from a thief hung on the gallows [4]. This would be fitting, given Page's interest in hermetic studies. The house and surrounding area in the picture are by Butterfield Court in the Eve Hill area of Dudley; the use of Eve Hill may be an in-joke ["Ev-il"] by the band. The tower block on the back cover is of Butterfield Court in Dudley, England (not the now demolished Prince of Wales Court, as is sometimes incorrectly stated). Butterfield Court can be seen, owing to it being 20-stories high and on top of a ridge, 25 miles away in rural Worcestershire and Shropshire and on a clear day, over 45 miles away in Wales. A contemporary image of Butterfield Court can be seen here. The inside sleeve represents the tarot card of the Hermit it was painted by Barrington Coleby (the name is misspelled on the album sleeve), a friend of Jimmy Page's who lives in Switzerland. Contrary to some sources, there is no hidden "Black Dog" in the painting. The typeface for the lyrics to "Stairway to Heaven", printed on the inside sleeve of the album, was Page's contribution. He found it in an old arts and crafts magazine called Studio which started in the late 1800s. He thought the lettering interesting and got someone to work up a whole alphabet.[3]

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Condition New