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Brian Duffy

Horace Panter
Horace Panter Art

Iain Faulkner

Ronnie Wood

Pink Floyd

The links below are all art publishers we can order artwork from on request.



Scottish History

http://www.scottishhistory.com/: These pages contain links and information on all (or most) things Scottish - everything from history to politics and back again.

Scottish culture

http://www.leopardmag.co.uk if you are interested in the culture, history and life of northeast Scotland, the reinvigorated Leopard magazine under the editorship of Lindy Cheyne is essential reading.

Scottish Genealogy

http://www.anesfhs.org.uk: The Aberdeen & North-East Scotland Family History Society exists to assist and promote the study of genealogy and family history based on the North-East corner of Scotland.

Rare & Vintage Vinyl

http://www.altvinyl.com: A cornucopia of alternative delights..rare, deleted and beautiful records, cds, cassettes and all sonic formats. A treasure trove of music, 12,000+ releases from the experimental outer edges to the mainstream’s periphery... enjoy..

http://www.vintagevinyl.com : Tom Ray and Lew Prince loved music, but thought most record stores sucked. In 1979, they decided to start a record store for music lovers. It would be a record store built from the customers’ point of view. It would be a place where you’d find good music of all types and people working there who could tell you about it.

Aberdeen Tourist Information

http://www.aboutaberdeen.com: About Aberdeen - The information guide to the best attractions and places to visit in Aberdeenshire Scotland