We use only the best quality Alphamat Artcare mount boards help protect pictures actively. Mount board is a key element in framing. On a practical level it positions and protects, on an artistic level it leads the eye to the picture in the frame. By trying different kinds of mounts – colour combinations, size and positioning you can see the image in many different ways.

Artcare Conserving for the future

Artcare mount boards are the only age resistant mount boards proven
to protect photos and artwork from airborne pollutants.

Age resistant
Artcare mount boards fulfill the strictest standards for durability and age resistance.

Produced with pigment, not dyes,ensuring the colours of your framing for years.

Filter Pollutants
The unique paper technology ´Micro-Chamber´filters out harmful pollutants.
Your picture is protected from airborne environmental pollutants and acids.

Resistant to humidity
In contrast to simple dyes, the pigments of Artcare are not affected by humidity.
Making it you guarantee of enduring colour fidelity.

Custom Mount Design

Mount Design

We offer a custom mount service to all our customers who require something special or unique for their treasured items. With over 20 years experience our framers have enjoyed framing all manner of unusual and everyday items. This has resulted in knowledge of how to create solutions and unique designs for such items using the best materials available.

Mount Design options include:

V-groove, embossing, wash-line, carved, foil blocking, 3D designs & logos, mirror, special hand finishes, Shaped, Lettering, Fabric, pyrography & plaques.