Pink Floyd Pulse


Medium: Giclée print using 6 colour pigment inks on Somerset enhanced 330gsm
Artist: Storm Thorgerson
Signed By: Storm Thorgerson in pencil
Edition: 295 World Wide
Dimensions: Print size 33" x 25½", Image size 19" x 19"
Condition: New / Mint
The ‘eye’ design on the front of the Pulse CD box comprised about 36 separate photographs, moulded and vignetted together. Not only does the design reflect, in the viewer’s actual eye, elements of the live Pink Floyd concert circle of lights, it is stylistically a mixture of old semi-psychedelic ideas and modern technology – to echo the variety of material in the concert. The circularity of the eye, pupil and iris, the circularity of the film screen at a Pink Floyd show, the circularity of the approaching moon, even the circularity of time embodied in the wide range of songs on Pulse – all these were carried through the entire package. Closer inspection of the front art reveals symbols and images that refer to Pink Floyd songs (for example, a bike for Syd Barrett) and various elements only lately discovered by the cognoscenti. The designer, Storm Thorgerson, advises us to ‘Look more deeply and you will find further visual connections that link and refer to Pink Floyd, some of which were never even intended. But then again, what do designers know?’

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Condition New