Pink Floyd Tree of Half Life


Medium: Silkscreen in 19 colours on Somerset tub sized 310gsm
Artist: Storm Thorgerson
Signed By: Storm Thorgerson in pencil
Edition: 295 World Wide
Dimensions: Print size 33" x 25½", Image size 19" x 19", Edition
Condition: New / Mint
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Some designs are seemingly intended for one party and then appear later to have really been for someone else all along. ‘The Tree of Half Life’, though originally intended for a band called Catherine Wheel always seemed very Pink Floyd. It was submitted as an image for a Floyd 30th anniversary campaign that never got fully realized. It was so liked by the band, and by Storm Thorgerson that it appeared as a Tshirt and as the frontispiece of the ‘Mind Over Matter’ book of Floyd imagery. A cover waiting wistfully for an album to go with it.
Is the tree head a real physical thing? A fluke of nature?, or a sculpture of some mad topiary artist? Is it the spirit of the forest? Is the spirit taking the shape only briefly in order to communicate with us, to let us know there is intelligence there? Will it revert back to normal tree shape just as quickly? Look again and it will not be there. Was it in the mind all along? Are the branches like the neurons of the brain? The tree of knowledge, the tree of half life. The official story is that this tree profile head was achieved by helicopter topiary – a man hung from a ‘copter and cut the shape much as he might a hedge. Anybody who says different, who says the Tree Head was done on computer is a telltale and a stinking rotten liar.
Photographed on Hasselblad 500C with daylight transparency in a London Park in February with available light. The tree is still there, but you might not see it like this unless in the right frame of mind.


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Condition New