The Hollies Evolution



Medium: Silkscreen & Giclee On Somerset Velvet Enhanced
Artist: Simon Posthuma
Signed By: Simon Posthuma, Karl Ferris, Bobby Elliot & Tony Hicks In Pencil
Edition: 195 World Wide
Atelier: Kaleidoscope (UK)
Dimensions: Print size 26" x 25", Image size 19" x 19"
Condition: New


During a January 1967 recording session, The Hollies found themselves surrounded by TV cameras in the studio. Granada Television were filming the band recording vocals (and miming to an already recorded backing track) for a documentary about the pop business. Obviously this intrusion didn’t phase the lads at all as it’s this take of "On A Carousel" which became their next single in February. A stone classic in the Hollies admirable canon of singles, the song builds from a simple two-chord guitar motif into an energetic romp powered by Bobby Elliott’s untouchable dynamics and those ever-present liquid harmonies. Turn the single over and you’ll discover the Hollies’ first venture into psychedelia, "All The World Is Love", based around a repetitive raga-like riff and featuring some sly visual rhymes ("love" and "move"). Around this time the band recorded two Italian language sides, "Non Predo Per Me" and "Devi Avere Fiducia In Me", for a European song contest (NOT the Eurovision!). They duly went to Italy to perform at the ceremony but the songs didn’t make much of an impact. Two further Clarke/Hicks/Nash songs, "Kill Me Quick" and "We’re Alive", were recorded in February and released as a single in Italy only. These are above average beat songs more akin to their 1965 work than the sophisticated sounds they’d been creating in England.


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Condition New