The Mars Volta Jellyfish

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Medium: silkscreen print on Somerset tub sized paper 410gsm
Artist: Storm Thorgerson
Signed By: Storm Thorgerson
Edition: 100 World Wide
Atelier: Coriander Studios from original artwork.
Dimensions: Paper 22 x 19", Image 19 x 17"
Condition: New


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“Deloused in the Comatorium is the title of the first album from the Mars Volta for which we designed two interchangeable covers depending on which way round you inserted the CD booklet in its jewel case.” The album related to a friend of Mars Volta's who sank into a coma due to misadventure and indulgence, Mars Volta imagined that their friend had been dragged down into the unconscious by his artistic demons, our rendition was like a Portugese man of war, a jellyfish with tentacles below the water's surface but a human head above.” ”I fancifully imagined that the evil tentacles were living in the unconscious and the human part above water was when their friend became conscious and temporarily surfaced from his coma, half man half jellyfish, poisonous tentacles, roaming the murky waters of the sub-brain, sounds just like Mars Volta” We love this strange and beautiful piece of imagery Only 100 Of These Prints Are Available World Wide


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Condition New